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The Sounder Sleep System™

Learn simple and effective techniques for sleeping better and improving your quality of life  

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Public Workshops

Immersive workshops where you dive deeply into the Sounder Sleep System over one or several days

Classes and training

Opportunities to cultivate balance and ease in your personal patterns of waking and sleeping

Teacher trainings

Become fully proficient in the Sounder Sleep System and acquire the necessary skills to be an authorized teacher

How does it work?

The Sounder Sleep SystemTM is based on the discovery that specific easy, slow, tiny, delicate movements can shift us from an alert, waking or even excited state to one of profound physical and mental repose.

In that tranquil state, if we need sleep, we will simply fall asleep.

Welcome to our global community of teachers

The Sounder Sleep System community consists of authorized teachers. We speak many languages, are located all around the globe and happy to support you in your search for sounder sleep and calmer days.

The Science

It is well established that fast, vigorous movements, as done in aerobics or competitive sports, activate the sympathetic nervous system, producing a “stress response” marked by heightened vigilance. Blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tone, and other metabolic factors are elevated and brain activity is increased.

In other words, powerful movements wake you up.

The Great Discovery

At the opposite end of the movement spectrum, tiny, slow movements directly activate the parasympathetic nervous system, triggering the body’s inborn mechanisms for rest, recuperation and healing. Blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tone, and other metabolic factors decline, brain activity slows down and vigilance is reduced.

The body relaxes and the mind becomes clear and calm. Try out a free sample in this video.

Find your teacher

Our community of authorized Sounder Sleep System teachers has hundreds of members around the globe.

We teach in English, German, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Finnish, Swedish, Romanian and many more languages.

Testimonials from participants

“I have to thank you because my sleep has become a lot better. I sleep several hours in a row, I read less at night and this work goes on inside of me. The experience is more than positive. Thanks!”

Jane Cooper

“My personal favorite is the way thought processes become really quiet by bringing the focus on the body and its sensations. This by itself evokes a lot of relaxation. And the Mini-Moves are the icing on the cake. They are very delightful to do and - yes! – somehow remind me of the way it may have been as a baby being cradled to sleep by my mother or father.”

Wade Warren

“(The) Sounder Sleep System Teacher Training has literally changed my life. I have a new way to regulate my central nervous system--and thus my sleep--and a way to teach this skill to others. I learned that having good sleep is a practice--one that, with a bit of intention and focus, can easily be interwoven into daytime and nighttime routines. The teacher creates a warm community of practitioners when she teaches. The training is experiential, thorough, and entertaining!"

Brooklyn Simmons

"I have been a Feldenkrais practitioner for 16 years. I have known about Sounder Sleep that whole time, but finally got around to taking it in August. I am completely blown away! The simplicity and ease of the movements are so powerful and effective. It’s only been 10 days and my sleep has already improved. I’m finding that it just takes a moment during the day to find that calm, relaxed state. (The trainer) made it very enjoyable and easy to understand and learn. I can’t wait to learn more!"

Guy Hawkins

“I just wanted to tell you: after this intensely emotional day came a beautiful night. It took me only a minute to fell asleep with the CD, without noticing it, which never happened in the last few weeks. After half an hour I woke up again, did some more mini moves and simply went back to sleep. Thank you so much for these new techniques and your positive, benevolent support.”

Robert Fox

“I am enjoying coming to Katarina’s sessions very much. Her welcoming plant filled space allows me to feel very comfortable and her gentle and perceptive comments and guidance are most helpful! Corona Plaza is a fun meeting space where I have met interesting people from all over the world. Thank you very much for providing this lovely learning space!”

Leslie Alexander

"Thank you…. This system and your teachings are not a luxury but are vital in this age of anxiety. One can only benefit themselves and others by taking these sounder sleep courses.”

Jacon Jones

“The Sounder Sleep System (is taught)so clearly with practical skills or methods for helping us to be the sounder sleepers. The workshop materials are easy to use and well organized. We can do it at (our) own pace, at any time and anywhere to calm down our nervous system. I would highly recommend this workshop to everyone!”

Esther Howard

Frequently asked questions

How can I get in contact with a teacher?

Please go to this page, where you'll find the international list of teachers.

How does it work?

When daily life is more peaceful, sleep is more peaceful. Two types of movements, DayTamers™ and NightTamers™, work synergistically to create the conditions for a good night’s sleep. By practicing DayTamers throughout the day, you will lower stress, tension and anxiety, thereby making life—and sleep—more restful and enjoyable. When night falls, the small, gentle, sleep-inducing NightTamers help lull you to sleep and ensure quick recovery from unwanted awakenings during the night.

How long does it take?

It typically takes at least three weeks of daily practice to see the full effects. However, some find that they sleep more soundly even after one three-day workshop or a few private lessons. Daily practice of these movements truly is the key, as your nervous system will slowly adjust. Plus, this daily practice will enhance your comfort in general, day and night.

How is this different from other modalities?

The Sounder Sleep System™ relies on your own body to create the change in your sleep—no external tools necessary, just simple movements that you practice on your own. The Sounder Sleep System originated from the work of Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais, adapted by Michael Krugman, founder of the Sounder Sleep Sytem. While original in its conception and implementation, the Sounder Sleep System is informed by contemporary neuroscience and sleep research, utilizing time-tested principles common to both ancient and modern self-healing systems. A fundamental principle of the Sounder Sleep System is its use of the nervous system’s two opposing features of excitation and inhibition; when the brain tends toward inhibition, we fall asleep. Small, slow, gentle movements practiced throughout the day and before sleeping initiate and amplify this inhibitory-process, guiding you into a natural, restful sleep.