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The natural way to a good night's sleep

The Sounder Sleep System is based on the discovery that special physical movements can shift us from an alert, waking state to one of profound physical and mental repose. In that tranquil state, if you need sleep, you will fall asleep.

It is well known

That fast, vigorous, physical movements like we do in aerobics or competitive sports activate the sympathetic nervous system, producing a “stress response” marked by heightened vigilance. Your blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tone, and other metabolic factors are elevated, and brain activity is increased. In other words, powerful movements wake you up.

Our great discovery

Is that the reverse is also true. At the opposite end of the movement spectrum, we find that tiny, slow, bodily movements directly activate the parasympathetic nervous system, triggering the body’s inborn mechanisms for rest, recuperation, and healing. Your blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tone, and other metabolic factors decline, brain activity slows, and vigilance is reduced. Your body relaxes and your mind is clear and calm.

How does it work?

And as it turns out, these physiological and psychological responses to movement are the very same ones that occur at the onset of natural sleep. In other words, tiny, barely perceptible movements create all the physical and mental conditions necessary for natural, restful sleep. And the result is the exactly same: you feel deliciously drowsy, and little by little you drift into a blissful, restorative slumber.

Origins of the system

The Sounder Sleep System is based on a lifetime of experience and observation by the system’s founder, Michael Krugman. It incorporates elements of traditional and modern self-healing methods including yoga, qigong, meditation techniques, and the pioneering discoveries of Drs. Moshe Feldenkrais, Edmund Jacobsen, and J. H. Schulz.

The physiological mechanisms have been confirmed by the research of recent studies at Harvard Medical School, the University of Graz, Austria, and other centers. The system has been tested and proven effective by thousands of Sounder Sleep students worldwide.

A Two-Pronged Approach

The Sounder Sleep System employs a two-pronged approach. By day, unique self-healing mini-moves effectively combat stress and make life more peaceful. When your life is more peaceful, your sleep is more peaceful. By night, sleep-inducing mini-moves hasten the onset of slumber and ensure quick recovery from unwanted awakenings.

The daytime and nighttime mini-moves work together to reduce the stress of life and ensure you get all the natural, restful sleep you need. The tiny movements are so gentle, even your spouse won’t know you’re doing them. And because they’re practiced while you’d otherwise be waiting for sleep to come, they take literally no time at all.