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Teacher Training sessions are open to those interested in becoming a certified Sounder Sleep System Teacher™.

Janine Holenstein


Sulina, Danube Delta, Romania

Janine has worked in a lot of different professions - from leather goods vendor to alpine cheese maker, from socio-medical assistant to wilderness tour guide and many more. She loves to combine her past experiences with new ones, which brought her to the Feldenkrais Method in 1998 and she still practices that with lots of (com)passion.

When she met Michael Krugman in 2004 yet another interest got sparked, partly also because of her own long history with troubled sleep.

She soon assisted in Sounder Sleep teacher trainings and together they lectured on the Sounder Sleep System for doctors and therapists, Michael presenting the theory, Janine the practices. He said about her: ‘As the creator of this system, it makes me happy to see she has become a trainer who surpasses me in teaching it’.

Since 2020 Janine trains Feldenkrais Practitioners wanting to become professional Sounder Sleep Teachers in Saillans, France, in Winterthur, Switzerland and in Königs Wusterhausen, Germany in her personal and unique way – and keeps on expanding her own continued learning together with and thanks to her students' interest.

She currently lives in the vast wilderness of the Danube Delta in Romania, where she enjoys deliciously tranquil nights and days, mostly outdoors in her garden or in nature around - when not travelling.

There will be Sounder Sleep trainings and follow-up workshops in that magnificent and soothing place starting in 2024 for those interested. Please contact Janine directly for more information.

Paris Kern


Vermont, USA

Paris Kern is a singer, communicator, community builder and teacher. She has been a Sounder Sleep System® Teacher since 1999 when it’s creator, Michael Krugman, completed his first teacher training . She has also been Feldenkrais Practitioner since 1992, and has attained the highest professional certification as a designated Feldenkrais Teacher Trainer.

Over the years Paris has taught the Sounder Sleep System and the Feldenkrais Method traveling around North America and Europe.

In 2019 it became obvious that many more people were in need of stress reduction, anxiety relief and a method to bring themselves to better sleep. After a few public live online workshops many of her students expressed a desire to progress to become teachers of the Sounder Sleep System and she recreated Michael’s teacher training curriculum and textbook to suit this new paradigm.

Paris’ trainings have reached people in Asia, Australia, South and North America, Great Britain, Europe and the Near East. This growing number of new SSS teachers around the globe inspires more and more people to learn this wonderful system.

Paris is a steady and inspiring presence, who brings a compassionate and light hearted manner to her work. She has the ability to simplify complex theories and principles of the Sounder Sleep System® and the Feldenkrais Method®. Through stories and demonstrations, she de-mystifies challenging concepts and brings a common sense approach to her work.

Patricio Simon


Hamburg, Deutschland